From a trusted global brand, this user friendly resource encompasses everything that you need to improve your pupils’ mental maths skills. Including exciting classroom challenges for children and effective feedback for teachers, mental maths has never been so simple!


Home Learning System


  • MTC Ready! Our educational online resources are tailored to the Multiplication Tables Check. All challenges and games include a timer so that children are prepared for the timed element of the test as well as focusing on accuracy and improvement. The ‘Timed Test’ is an exact replica of the multiplication tables check with 25 questions and just six seconds to answer in.
  • Diagnostic and Remedial feedback software means that you can easily monitor pupils’ progress and target areas that need improvement. The games and challenges can be altered by the teacher (or pupil if they wish) to focus on certain question types, or on multiplication tables which require more work, meaning that your class will be on top form and feeling confident before the check.
  • Lots of topics We have four different topics for pupils to get stuck in to: Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction and Decimal Arithmetic based activities. You can adjust the range of these topics to match the ability level of your pupils, whether that be for a class or an individual.
  • Minimal teacher intervention is required. 10ticks Mental Maths gives you accurate results of your pupils’ performances without having to mark pupils’ work, reducing your workload.
  • Play My Class This is a fun and engaging activity that will get children excited to play against their classmates. You can use this with all of our topics.
  • Leader board Compete against other schools in your country and around the world. At the end of each month the top 10 schools are added to our 10ticks School Hall of Fame.
  • Certificates Reward your pupils and even your school with our 10ticks certificates that you can award over the month. Print them out for your pupils to take home! Also, if your school finishes first for the month, a School World certificate is awarded.
Home Learning System


  • The Child Hub offers six different areas your child can use in order to enhance their times table skills. These areas include Beat the Clock and Perfect Ten, and they can even take a timed test.
  • Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction and Decimal Arithmetic are the topics to challenge your child! See if they can end up on our monthly leader boards, and become a two topic world champion!
  • 1 user friendly if you want to use 10ticks Mental Maths as a 1 user account then your account can also work as your child's account.
  • Create their very own AvaStar Pirate patch? Blue skin? Beard? Children can customise their AvaStar however they like. There are more than fifty different customisations, allowing unlimited personalisation to each AvaStar. The AvaStar card has different challenges for your child to complete.
  • Play live games across the globe Our Play Worldwide feature, with its rolling rooms, means that your child is only ever 24 seconds away from a live game. Let them pick a room and compete against players from all over the world.
  • Challenge family members to try to beat you when you take part in Play My Family.
  • Children can earn Certificates, Achievements and Medals! They’ll also get the chance to work on the times tables they may have struggled with in our results page, which will show them how to improve their speed and accuracy. They can earn Bronze, Silver or Gold medals by beating previous scores and also by logging in more than 50 times.
  • Leader board Your child could make it into the World Top 10! Our leader board lets them see their position in the world for each month.
  • Games After completing our six different areas your child can enjoy one of our fun games, like Frog’s Great Adventure or Rat Splat.

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