About Us

10ticks Mental Maths

Welcome to 10ticks Mental Maths, where numbers are our language, and maths is our game!

We've been around for a long time now, founded in 2000 by our Managing Director, Ian Fisher. As a former teacher, Ian swapped the classroom for the office when he spotted a gap in the maths resources market. He embarked on a mission to provide educators, parents, and students with a one-stop-shop for all things maths.

Since those early days, 10ticks has evolved into a global trusted brand within the education sector. Utilised by thousands of schools worldwide, with over 3,000 institutions in the UK alone, millions of students have reaped the benefits of 10ticks' invaluable resources.

What began as a humble offering of worksheets on our other website, 10ticks.co.uk has since evolved into the additional 10ticks Mental Maths, launched in 2020. Since then, we’ve seen more than 24 million questions answered on the platform!

Nestled in the heart of Bolton, England, 10ticks is powered by a small, yet dedicated team.

As the years roll on, our family of schools continues to grow, with more educators recognising the transformative power of 10ticks in shaping young mathematical minds.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We aim to deliver performance, convenience, and value. We want to create high-quality educational resources accessible to all learners and we are on our way to doing just that!


In 2020, we gained sponsorship from Liontrust Asset Management, allowing us to deliver the 10ticks Online Worksheet Licence and 10ticks Mental Maths completely free of charge for all UK state-funded schools!

This means that, once registered, UK state-funded schools have free full access to 10ticks. Thousands of teachers have taken advantage of this to incorporate 10ticks into their teaching of maths for fun and engaging lessons.