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About us

10ticks is the brand name of Fisher Educational Ltd.

Ian Fisher incorporated the company in 1998. 10ticks has won many awards including the prestigious Government DTI e-Commerce Award for Innovation in Education and Learning. After becoming the market leading provider of maths worksheets in UK secondary schools (with over 70% of pupils using our material), the brand has expanded into other countries. Our resources are now used in over fifty countries worldwide.

10ticks specialises in the provision of maths resources for ages 5-16, to fully cover the Maths national curriculum for England, (www.10ticks.co.uk). 10ticks has also adapted and written new exciting resources for the Malaysian (www.10ticks.com.my), Australian (www.10ticks.com.au) and South African (www.10ticks.co.za) curricula. As 10ticks brings together best practice from different countries together in one collection, you can rest assured that our worksheets, guides, tests and online systems will be of the highest standard.

2019 marked the exciting launch of www.10ticks.com, our new mental maths website, which enables pupils from across the globe to play each other live, whilst improving their mental maths abilities.

As a company, Fisher Educational Ltd is committed to bringing a more sustainable learning environment to schools using technology and communication as key. Managing Director, Ian Fisher, combines years of maths teaching experience, with a unique knowledge of worldwide curricula, to offer the best possible teaching methods for use at school, and at home.