Who are 10ticks?

The 10ticks team have been producing quality maths resources for almost 20 years. This wealth of experience has allowed us to create a comprehensive bank of materials for parents, teachers and tutors to use when educating children. Our resources are used in over 70% of UK secondary schools, are present in many other countries worldwide, including Australia, South Africa, India and Malaysia, and have been written by Heads of Maths with more than 100 years combined experience. 10ticks bring best practice from different countries together in one collection, which means you can rest assured that our worksheets, guides, tests and online systems will be of the highest standard.

What is 10ticks Mental Maths?

10ticks Mental Maths is a fun and engaging online resource, designed to help support your pupils practice the instant recall of multiplication and division facts. 10ticks Mental Maths – Multiplication is delivered completely online, requires very little teacher intervention and absolutely zero marking.

10ticks Mental Maths focuses on enhancing pupils' speed and accuracy of multiplication facts up to 12×12. The ability of recalling times tables facts plays a crucial role in supporting many different areas of Mathematics. Through regular practice, your pupils will increase their fluency and quick recall of the times tables, as well as building up their confidence.

Multiplication Tables Learning – Our educational online resource delivers comprehensive checks and practice of multiplication tables for primary school children. With zero planning and marking required, take your pupils’ mental arithmetic to the next level and create a classroom of times tables wizards in time for key academic tests. The system is perfect for schools who are preparing their pupils for the MTC.

Diagnostic and Remedial Feedback – Our system allows you to precisely track your pupils' progress and highlights any areas of learning which require improvement. Teachers can target these weaker areas by customising games and challenges to focus on certain question types or multiplication tables.

Benefits for children

Mental Maths offers engaging and educational activities that will get children excited by a range of times tables based activities. From challenging classmates online to playing live multiplication games across the globe, these stimulating activities are guaranteed to engage your pupils. Children can also create their own avatar and earn awards to inspire and encourage them to perfect their skills.

How to take trial (schools)

Register on the register page (link) and complete the relevant information to get started on your free 28 day trial. Remember, once your set up it’s important to log in and try the system and understand how everything works.

Already signed up and looking for more specific questions?

We have specific Teacher FAQs that can be found in your teacher user area. These will help deal with the majority of questions you have. Likewise, pupils can find answers to many of their questions in the Student Hub, underneath the FAQs page.

What other products do you sell?

Home Learning System - A Maths Learning System which takes students through the latest maths curriculum at their own pace, specifically designed with parents and children in mind.

Worksheet Annual Licence - 10ticks Maths Worksheets give thorough coverage of the maths national curriculum for England, for ages 5-16. They are used by millions of students worldwide, 70% of UK secondary schools and a growing number of primary schools.

School Learning System - A Maths Learning System which enables teachers to deliver the maths curriculum in a personalised and engaging environment. Students love the interactive desk area, and maths departments will benefit from a wealth of both online and offline resources.

Tutor Learning System - Allows tutors to access our entire database of maths resources, including maths worksheets, video guides, online tests and games, helping to save you time and focus on teaching.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us at: 01204 584 876 or email: info@10ticks.com